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 Return procedure Molco Europe.

  1. Any request for return must be requested within 10 days following the date of delivery/ invoice via the web shop returns option (Molco authorized wholesalers within 60 days). Returns which are a resulted of a logistics complaint can be reported at the customer service.
  2. If Molco Europe agrees with your request you will receive a return form. Also, the rejected goods will be listed on this document
  3. What items are not qualified for return:
  • Goods with a popularity indication of A and B;
  • Accessories, exhaust, wiper blades, batteries, tools and sheet metal, damage parts (headlights etc..);
  • Goods that were ordered especially for you by Molco Europe;
  • Goods that were not purchased from Molco Europe;
  1. Molco Europe will charge 15% of the selling value as for the processing of the requested returns as a fee and will deduct this of the original invoiced sales amount. The maximum value of the repossessed goods is limited to 2% of the net purchases from Molco Europe during the last 12 months. Products which are ordered incorrectly or returned because of your customer order cancellation the re-stocking fee of 15% will apply.
  2. Goods will only be accepted:
  • If they are in good condition (saleable). This is not necessary for Deposit and Guarantees;
  • When the products are in its CLEAN original packaging;
  • With unbroken seals (e.g. brake pads / shoes / systems.);
  • For each complete package only. For example, if a reference is sold per 10 pieces. They also must be returned per 10 pieces in there original packaging.
  1. Sending goods:
  • Only returns with pick-up date singed via the online shop.
  • The goods must be properly packaged, with a view to the transit (boxes taped shut, no heavy things on top etc.) This also applies for Deposits and Guarantees;
  • Place a copy of the “return form” on each bale/pallet/container (for example with the aid of a transparent adhesive breast-pocket handkerchief)
  • You will number the bales (for example three bales 1/3, 2/3, 3/3)
  • The conveyors can only take so identified goods.
  1. The goods that are refused at the final inspection check will be confirmed through the document “REQUEST DENIED RETURN”. Notification of any withdrawal should be done by the method described above in the document and will be sent return.

Only returns that meet the above conditions will be accepted by Molco Europe. Deviations are only permitted provided with an written approval of Molco Europe. Goods which do not meet the criteria above, will be returned to you. The costs which we will make may be charged to you. The approval and handling of returns may be suspended by Molco Europe if method of payment shall be fixed.

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